Sex.Drugs.DJ – A Novel

There’s a lot of “I raved back then” books out there and a lot of them get goofy really fast. This book was a fairly quick read. It caught my attention because I was there in real life where the inspiration for some of these stories happened so I picked it up. At times I felt like I knew the events referenced in this book directly. A story dashed in a self destructive reality all of us old ravers knew about took me back. Without diving too deep into the drugs or the sex or the rave the depth was in the story of Blake Sheridan the narcissist and self destructive party dj that exploited talent for everything awesome and everything ugly the rave offered. It’s hard to feel good about something that’s loved so hard when it can be so cruel and under all of it I think the character struggled with this. Like Blake was a part of all of us no matter how deep we went into the rave.
- Michael

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