Who Is Blake?

Blake Sheridan is a pseudonym for a guy who has been a DJ, music producer and remixer for 25 years.

He was an ordinary kid from the suburbs. Blake played sports and did all of the things you’d expect a teenaged boy to do. But one day, he discovered the rave scene and his life was forever changed.

Stumbling into a fortunate encounter in an otherwise unlucky life, Blake became a regular fixture at raves and then a DJ at a young age. Starting small, he quickly grew in popularity to become one of Chicago’s most sought after artists, known for a unique style and a sharp ear.

As life moved forward, his career as a DJ really took off, even though it was often marred by addiction and pain, so he struggled to keep up. Thrust into greater and greater positions of fame, Blake quickly became a world-famous DJ and recording artist, only narrowly making it through out of his addiction alive. Travel was more familiar than rest, so home was where his head laid on the pillow at night, as he jet-set around the world, one tour after another.

Blake is the biggest DJ that you’ve never heard of.